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KC Jacket Wear Company

NIPA GroupTwenty three years of our business experience we gathered immense reputation at home and abroad. KC Jacket Wear Company which is the first setup of NIPA Group, has started in 2000. Now it is one of the well-reputed manufacturer and exporter of readymade garments in Bangladesh. Innovation business approach, foresight, sustainability, resource mobilization, quality assurance and superior service have been the factor of our success.

The Founder, honorable Managing Director of NIPA Group, Mr. Khosru Chowdhury, his excellent supervision and organizing skills are making KC Jacket Wear Company as a profitable business unit in garments industry sector of Bangladesh. KC Jacket Wear Company mainly deal with all kind of woven produces (Images are given below). Our main buyers are scatters across the world but we produce garments mainly for Europe and USA market. Our endeavor will continue to ensure quality and high standard in every activity whatever we are engage with.

Some information of KC Jacket Wear Company :
Product Type : All kinds of Woven Products Since : 2015 CAPACITY : 0.30 million/ Month


Factory is totally equipped and conditioned to cover requirements for International and National Social Compliance standard, some features of which are as follows: Stair cases : 4 specious stair cases with one emergency evacuation. Wash room & toilet : 1: 20 Female, 1:25 Male. “Exit” signs : Exit signs are marked clearly for emergency evacuation. Medical facility : One M.B.B.S doctor caters to the health needs of the workers. Emergency Medical : Trained team of staff & workers to take initiatives. First Aid : Adequate First Aid Boxes/Kits are placed at different work places asper law. Emergency Tele No : Lists containing emergency Telephone numbers such as Fire Brigade, Hospitals & Police Stations hanged
for emergency needs.
Fire Extinguisher : Fire extinguishers are placed in a very balanced manner. Fire Drill : Monthly fire drills are initiated. Emergency Light : Emergency lights are there to use in case of power failure. Alternative Power : Cell Battery & IPS. Work Environment : An excellent work environment exists in the Factory. Adequate ventilation & bright electric light is provided.
Music & public address systems are always there inside the Factory.
Child labours : No child labor is allowed to work as per company policy. Day Care Center : The Company runs a day care center for workers children. Weekly Holiday : The Company follows the 7th day rest policy for each and every worker (Friday). Full Time Doctor : The Company recruited MBBS doctor to ensure proper treatment for workers. Lady Welfare Team : The Company recruited sufficient number of lady welfare officer for quick resolve of workers grievance (if any). WPC Team : The Company has a workers participation committee & the member of that committee elected by direct general
workers vote. The teams are ensuring workers lawful right.
Green Team : KC Industrial Park has a Special Team under supervision of top management who are responsible to keep all unites of
KC Industrial Park on Green Concept.

Building Information:
Ground Floor (30,000sft) : Fabric Storage & Finish goods wear house. 1st floor (31,000sft) : Accessories Distribute center & Cutting 2nd floor (31,000sft) : KC Jacket Wear Company 3rd floor (31,000sft) : KC Jacket Wear Company 4th floor (31,000sft) : KC Jacket Wear Company 5th floor (31,000sft) : KC Jacket Wear Company 6th floor (31,000sft) : KC Jacket Wear Company

Our Machines These are our machines of KC Jacket Wear Company

Image Gallary Working Environment at KC Jacket Wear Company

Our Products These are the products of KC Jacket Wear Company

Our Bank Partner


Malibagh Branch: B-63, (1ST Floor), Malibagh Chowdhury Para,
D.I.T Road, Dhaka-1219, Bangladesh.

Our Bank Partner

National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited

Malibagh Branch: B-63, (1ST Floor), Malibagh Chowdhury Para,
D.I.T Road, Dhaka-1219, Bangladesh.

Contact Address Ratuti, Katchkura, Uttarkhan, Uttara, Dhaka(North)-1230, Bangladesh

Key Contact Person

Mr. Khosru Chowdhury
Chairman & Managing Director
E-maill- Khosru@nipagroup.net

Contact Person

Md. Selim Hossain
G.M (Marketing Et Merchandising)
Email- selim@nipagroup.net